Night photography with a Rolleiflex

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across an old Rolleiflex MX. Well, to be honest: I checked eBay almost every night trying to find a decent medium format camera because I’m addicted to all kinds of gear and I love the image quality you are able to produce with 120 film.

After I shot a test roll and everything seemed fine technically it was time to take a tripod and a shutter release cable with me and go out at night.

Luckily we had a couple days with beautiful weather but at night it was still freezing cold. The sky was starlit so the white stripes you can see in the pictures are actual stars moving because the most pictures are shot between 2 and 4 mins. I shot a roll of Fujifilm pro400h and two frames of Portra I had left and these pictures are some of the highlights. When I came back home I had one frame left which I used for a doggo portrait.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and I think some of them will be available as prints soon.